Portable Horse Stalls For Sale

Need portable horse stalls for your next horse show, fair, exhibition or clinic? Sunset Valley has just what you need!

Sunset Valley is your trusted source for quality portable horse stalls. Deep within the Amish Countryside, we've been building portable horse stalls for local horse auctions for many years and now we're offering our portable horse stall rentals to the general public!

Our portable horse stalls are built by Amish craftsmen offering easy assembly and sturdy construction. Our portable horse stalls work well for most horses at a variety of events.

Rent or Buy, the Choice is Yours!

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Standard Portable Horse Stall Features:

  • 10' x 10' unit - walls are 84 inches (7 feet) high
  • Made with heavy wall round tube to eliminate horse injury
  • All seams welded - offering maximum strength & quality appearance
  • Indestructible full proof latch to keep horse secure
  • Fully assembled panels are ready to setup
  • Setup time - as little as 5 minutes per stall
  • Lightweight / Portable
  • Easily loads on your trailer & follows you to the show
  • Strong enough to use as a permanent stall
  • Attractively built with optional colors to fit your taste
Portable Horse Stalls - Detailed Specifications - Click Here
equestrian horse stalls

Easy to assemble yourself, or we'll do it if you want.

large facility with horse stalls

Create your own instant portable corral.

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