Is It Time to Upgrade Your Horse Barn?

Custom Horse Barns

You know that your barn or stable could use some work, but you dread the noise, dirt, and general disruption that a renovation project brings. Did you know that renovations in your barn, whether exterior changes or interior upgrades, do not have to be such a daunting challenge?

Here at Sunset Valley Metal Craft, we understand horses – we’re “horse people” just like you – and we work side by side with our customers to assure that renovations are easy on everyone involved. Whether your barn houses just a few horses, or you’re running a commercial stable operation, we’re confident in our capabilities to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. What do we have to offer? While our business has been built on a long tradition of excellence in metalcraft, we’re so much more today, especially when it comes to interior renovations. Let’s take a closer look at how we can help make your barn a place that your horses and YOU want to spend time in!

Interior Renovations

When you walk into your barn, how does it make you feel? Do you look forward to spending time working in the building, or do you feel annoyed at things that make your chores harder than they need to be, like cracked floors, broken hardware, insufficient lighting, or heavy doors that stick and are hard to operate? Worn out surfaces and fixtures can also be safety hazards, and perhaps you have family members or employees working in the barn and are always worried that someone (or some horse) will get hurt. That’s not a good feeling.

Most of us didn’t inherit sparkling new equine facilities when we purchased or took over our farms from family, and many of us are probably using buildings as stables that were not originally designed for horses at all. We know all about just “making do” with large sheds and equipment storage buildings as homes for our horses while renovations are put on the “someday” to-do list! Or, perhaps you have built your horses a new pole barn recently, but it’s not adequately outfitted to meet anyone’s needs. You’re partway there, but now it’s time to get the barn’s interior in shape.

The best place to start when planning your interior barn renovation is thinking about safety for both humans and horses. Things like broken latches, hinges, and other hardware pose a real injury risk. We know how horses tend to brush against doorways and posts as they walk – if metal edges are protruding from surfaces, painful wounds will almost certainly occur. Sharp metal is definitely a risk for cuts to our own skin and tears to our clothing, as well. And DIY options for replacement of this hardware often aren’t designed with horses in mind. That latch you buy at the hardware store probably still has protruding edges since it wasn’t made explicitly for use around horses.

Cracked concrete walkways and stall floors are another common concern in older barns since they are trip hazards. Flooring surfaces that are no longer flat can be vexing in other ways even if they don’t seem particularly dangerous. As concrete floors degrade they become much more difficult to properly clean, as dirt and debris gets stuck in cracks and crevices. This means your regular cleaning efforts in the barn are much less effective than they should be, and that’s definitely frustrating.

Whether you need to fix problems to reduce injury risks, or things in your barn just are not the way you want them, we have many solutions to offer. From upgrading individual stalls to complete overhauls, our attention to detail cannot be matched by general building contractors. And, most importantly, we work to assure that your horses are comfortable and not under stress while we’re completing your renovation work. In fact, one of our services is portable stall rental. For larger facilities, it may make sense to relocate horses into our portable stalls as we work. The process is fast and easy. Simply fill out our contact form to start the conversation about your renovation ideas, and we can discuss options for making your project a reality with minimal disruption.

Barn Door Upgrades

So, your barn’s interior is in pretty good condition, and you’re reasonably happy with functionality and features at this point. What about your barn’s doors? Think about how many times hardworking barn doors are opened and closed every day as you, horses, and other riders and workers come and go. If your barn’s doors are heavy, or they stick, or they always seem to be in need of painting and repair, making the easy upgrade to aluminum for exterior doors is the way to go. You want doors that you don’t have to think about, and aluminum barn doors are maintenance-free, as well as attractive.

Further, barn door upgrades are one of our specialites here at Sunset Valley. We have pre-fab styles that are popular with many barn owners, but we can customize anything you can dream up! This includes exterior doors designed to your exact specifications and interior Dutch doors and stall doors, as well. Installation time for most of our doors is about 10 minutes, so if you’re looking for a “quick fix” in your barn without undertaking an entire renovation, upgrading doors is it.

In case you haven’t already noticed, Sunset Valley Metal Craft is a different kind of barn renovation company. Our Amish craftsmanship and dedication to the highest quality results are unique in the industry. We are family-owned and care about each of our customers as though they’re part of the family! We invite you to visit us on Facebook for more inspiration – we often post photos of our latest projects, and we love to connect with customers and friends.